Tetyana Vasilivna Litvinova

Associate Professor of the department Informational security

October 22 at Palace of Culture KPI the Institute of Physics and Technology celebrated 20-th anniversary


This event was preceded by a series of master classes for students from IPT graduates «IPT family Forum» in the conference room of the Academic Council of KPI, among them - teleconference with PTI graduate Yegor Anchishkin. In 2006 Yegor with partners convinced the world that the Ukrainian startup of face recognition on the video Viewdle is best in Europe.

At the hall in Palace of Culture gathered KPI students, alumni, staff, visitors of Institute of Physics and Technology. Pro-Rector of NTUU KPI in long-term progress, IPT director from 1995 to 2015, Professor Alexey Novikov recalled key moments of the history of Institute of Physics and Technology, welcomed all the participants. Among the guests were representatives of NTUU “KPI”, the leading secondary schools. Deputy Director of IASA Romanenko V.D. spoke memories about creation of Institute of Physics and Technology. Friendly IPT welcomed the director of the Polytechnic Lyceum Kyrychkov U.V., the team of Kyiv Natural Sciences and Mathematics Lyceum №145. IPT graduate, director of “Infoseyf IT” Victor Jora spoke with words of gratitude to native Alma Mater. All gladly followed the action, which developed on the stage. Particularly impressive were the students and lecturers of IPT in a joint tango. Very interesting was the item of the programme “Old photo”, from which it became clear that IPT is a harmonious and cheerful team.

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October 27, 2015