Tetyana Vasilivna Litvinova

Associate Professor of the department Informational security

XIV Scientific conference of students, postgraduate students and young scientists

ШАПКА _Konf_2016_Зразок_1

We invite students, postgraduate students and young scientists from IPT and also other faculties and institutes of NTUU “KPI”, highest educational institutions and research institutions of Ukraine, which work in various fields of physics, mathematics and cybernetical security to take part in the work of the XIV All-Ukrainian scientific conference of students, postgraduate students and young scientists! The conference is organized by IPT will be held from 26 to 28 May 2016 year.

The site of the conferencehttp://conf.pti.kpi.ua

Topics of scientific sessions:

  1. Actual problems of modern physics
  2. Physics of energy systems
  3. Mathematical and computer modelling
  4. Mathematical methods of cybernetical security
  5. Theoretical and applied problems of cryptographical protection of information
  6. Systems and technologies of cybernetical security
  7. Physico-technical aspects of cybersecurity
  8. Models and technologies of Earth observation data processing.

Configuration of speeches: spoken speech accordinly to given above topics with a multimedia representation and with a duration 10 minutes and 5 minutes discussion.

Publication of materials: before the start of a conference will be published the collected volume of conference speches and posters, which were sent from authors accordingly to a given requirements in TeX format with a volume of not more than 4 written pages. The materials of author (authors) which will be published at this collected volume are counted at entry into Master of Science studies

Conference events: plenary lectures of invited lecturers about new achievements and problems of science, cultural and sightseeing programs, holiday roadshow meeting at the shores of Dnieper etc.

Working conference languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Registration fee: without the obtaining a printed copy of the materials is 110 UAH, with obtaining a printed copy:
• for students 200 UAH
• for postgraduate students 210 UAH
• for others 230 UAH
paid by bank transfer after considering the speech or poster materials by Organizing Committee and getting the invitation to conference from the Organizing Committee.

Important dates:

  • before 26.04: Registration and submission of conference materials
  • before 04.05 Registration fee payment
  • 26-27.05: work of the conference
  • 28.05: roadshow holiday meeting

Details on the conference website: http://conf.pti.kpi.ua


March 29, 2016