Which speciality is better?


IPT – is not only particular studying programs  it is particular graduates, which are known not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Not only fundamental and professional knowledge differ them from another, but the flexibility of thinking, non-standard approaches in problem solving, persistence, broad conception of the world. Phystech gives them a lot of opportunities to become apparent in different branches. Very important is  the combination fundamental training with a university level  with practical experiences – starting from practice after 3-rd course, students work in real groups, implement real tasks from high professionals in a branch, which a tasks than transform into diploma thesise of bachelor, master of science.

Specialities “Applied physics and nanomaterials”, “Applied mathematics” are phystech-style, contain a lot science, saturated not only with university courses of physics and mathematics, and also fundamental knowledge of informational technologies (structural, object-oriented, web-programming on the basis of languages (С, С++, java, Python etc.)), courses of study in newest branches, which are boundary to physical and mathematical knowledge. In studying areas of mathematicians are: Physical informatics, Quantum informatics, Technologies of multimedia, Intellectual data analysis, Methods of Machine Learning and computational intellect (Computational Intelligence), development of mathematical and programme means of processing big data arrays (Big Data), Structural methods of recognition of images and others. In a studying courses of physicists: Quantum electronics, Optoelectronics, Symmetry in physics, Biophysics of complex systems, Foundations of hydrogasodynamics in heat transfer, Turbulence and it’s dimensions. Students one can envy – lectures teach the famous professionals from institutes of NASU of physical and mathematical type, from IT structures, reliable institutions in a direction of information protection.

Speciality “Cybersecurity” is more aimed on solving of practical problems, it is closer to engineering education, innovations, but, in difference from other engineering specialties, at IPT it is also saturated with  thoroughly fundamental education, which, accordingly to responses of employers and graduates, “formats” thinking, helps to quickly find non-typical solutions in accomplishment of the goal. Well known, that without thorough mastery of computer technologies, this speciality can not do.