Stages of formation

February 14, 1995 – the creation of Faculty of Physics and Technology of dual subordination of MES and NAS of Ukraine joint order №25 / 35, signed by the President of NAS of Ukraine Academician B.E. Paton and Minister of Education of Ukraine Academician M.Z. Zgurovsky. 

March-July 1995 – the concept of creation and development of faculty, based on study of experience MIPT, NTUU “KPI”, KNU T. Shevchenko. Were laid the fundamental principles of physical-technical system of training and vocational orientation work, concluded cooperation agreements with lyceum “Leader”, Natural lyceum №145, lyceum “Naukova zmina” and others, the first admission of students to faculty in the amount of 45 people .


March-September 1995 – were laid the foundations for human resources, technical, educational and material base for the first academic year: developed educational schemes and obtained the license for training in the educational field of “Applied Physics” and “Applied mathematics”.

1995 – 1997 years - were created the complex of teaching laboratories of general physics and complex of teaching laboratories in computer technology.


July 1997 – was created Department of Applied Physics as part of Faculty of Physics and Technology.


1998 – 2001 year – were laid the foundations of the system of professional training, a network of base facilities involving 12 institutes of the NAS of Ukraine, National Bank of Ukraine Department of Informatization and other agencies for common professional training of students (scientific and industrial practice, performing of diploma works for Bachelor, Specialist in and Master of Science degrees).

August 1999 – was created Institute of Physics and Technology, consisting of Faculty of Physics and Technology and the newly created Department of Information Security, Department of Pre-University training, the Center of Retraining and Advanced Training of Specialists in Information Security branch.
March 2000 –
the integration of Special Design Bureau “Storm” and Research Center “Accoustica” to the Institute of Physics and Technology.

April 2000 – was created the Faculty of Information Security in the Department of Information Security, the newly formed Department of Mathematical Methods of Information Security, Physical and Technical Protection of Information.


July 2001 – the first issue of 23 Masters of Science. Investiture of diplomas from founders of IPT: President of NAS of Ukraine Academician B.E. Paton and the Rector of NTU “KPI”, Academician M.Z. Zgurovsky. 

2004, 2005 years - the conclusion of agreements on partnership relations with the Ukrainian representative offices of “Sun Microsystems”, “Nortel Networks”, “Microsoft” and others.