All-Ukrainian science-practical conference of students, Ph. D. students and young scientists

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About the conference

Institute of Physics and Technology every year carries out All-Ukrainian science-practical conference of students, Ph. D. students and young scientists. In it take part the students, Ph. D. students and young scientists (before 35 years old) from highest educational institutions and scientific-research institutions of Ukraine, which work at various fields of physics, mathematics and cybersecurity.

During conference the participants work at sectional meetings, during which they do verbal report accordingly to materials of their own work in the format of multimedia presentations with a 10 minute duration and 5 minute discussion. Before the start of a conference is issued an conference materials collected volume, from a those, which were sent at registration accordingly to given requirements in TeX format not more than 4 pages. Publication in a collected volume of conference materials is taken into account at entry to Master of Science studies.

Besides the work at sectional meetings, the participants of a conference have a possibility to listen during plenary sections the lectures of the famous scientists about the new achievements and problems of science, and also take part in cultural and excursional programme, including participation in out holiday meeting on banks of Dnieper.

Detailed information about conference at its web site: http://conf.ipt.kpi.ua.

Conference 2016

Starting from  26 to 27-th of May 2016 at NTUU “KPI” took place XIV All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference of students, Ph. D. students and young scientists “Theoretical and applied problems of physics, mathematics and informatics”

About conference here.

Conference program

Video of beginning and plenary part here.

Plenary presentations:

  1. B. S. Novosiadliy, Dr. of phys.-math. sc., sen. sc. co-worker, head of Astronomical observatory LNU of I. Franko (Lviv) “Gravitational waves in Universe: foresight and detection”.
    Presentation file. Video 1. Video 2. Video 3
  2. S. I. Maksimenko, Dr. of phys.-math. sc., leading sc. co-worker of department of Algebra and Topology of Institute of mathematics NASU “Kolmogorov-Sinay entropy and its application in the theory of dynamic systems”.Presentation file.


Vol. 1 (sections: “Actual questions of modern physics”, “Physics of energy systems”, “Physical-technical aspects of cybersecurity”)

Vol. 2 (sections: “Mathematical and computer modeling, mathematical methods of cybernetical security”, “Theoretical and applied problems of cryptographic protection of information”, “Systems and technologies of cybernetical security”, “Models and technologies of processing of Earth observation data”).

The list of authors of best sectional speeches here

Previous conferences

  1. ХІІІ All-Ukrainian conference (21-23.05.2015):
    About conference
    Materials of conference (at web-site of Information security department)
    Vol. 1
    Vol. 2